Thanks for all your help—we have purchased for all of our 11 locations.

The Bumper Smith works great and your technical support has helped us immensely.

CollisionMax AutoBody & Glass Centers is really impressed with the Bumper Smith.

 Thanks again

Hi Mr. Smith,

It was good talking to you. I thought I’d send an e-mail to let you know how great your product has been for our facility. Not only has it sped up production which decreases cycle time but also created additional revenues while keeping parts vendors out of our building! Great product & thanks again!

 Kevin Stewart Location Manager

Keenan Auto Body of Middletown

This bumper welding station I got from David Smith less then 6 months ago has already payed for its self.

I love it. W. Martin

Dear Mr.Smith

We wanted to write this letter to let you how beneficial your Bumper Smith plastic welder is to our shop.The old method of plastic repair is no comparison to the “(Bumper Smith Nitrogen Welding Station)”. The Bumper Smith is so easy to use, and Nitrogen makes it so much cleaner and more efficient. The guys in our shop are able to perform plastic welds quick, and get much more done with this station. We would like to say that we highly recommend the Bumper Smith to any shop. Thank you for bringing us to such a great product!


The Bumper Smith makes plastic repair easy instead of replacing expensive bumpers. Thus this makes it profitable for the shop, and for the body tech.

D.Barney Price’s Collision Centers Auto Body Technician



I wanted to drop you a line pertaining to the bumper repair systems that we purchased from your company. You have put together a piece of equipment that was designed by a body technician for a body technician that works well in the collision repair environment. Our Technicians love the nitrogen welder with the working platform that you have incorporated into the equipment. Both of the machines are used daily. I have made it policy at our shop that the estimators show me any bumpers they plan to replace and I make the call. We would much rather repair them and be confident we have a solid refurbished part and retain the profit rather than making small margins on a cover that was worked over by a vendor and primed. I can honestly tell you that reconditioned covers from outside venders were the biggest cycle time bandit we had. Thanks to good equipment and training every technician in our shop can repair covers properly now and we are making the extra money with out the problems we faced in the past. The best part is our cycle time has improved and warranty concerns are few and far between. We are a high volume repair shop and repair on average 20 plus bumper covers a week. Billed labor runs on an average 6.0 hrs per cover plus the overhaul labor. We recognized additional profits immediately and I can tell you the equipment investment was back to us after about the first 40 repairs. David I would not hesitate to recommend your bumper repair equipment.


Chuck Bobinger

Tom Bannen Chevrolet Buick GMC

Collision Center Director

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