About Us

Hello and welcome

My name is David Smith.

I am a auto body tech of thirty years experience in the auto body repair field. I have worked on almost every make ,and model of automobile there is in that time. With all that experience it has allowed me to examine every problem under the Sun dealing with auto body repair. In 1996 I left the auto body field ,and started up a bumper recycling business. After 15 years and thousands of bumpers worked on it has allowed me to gain a amazing amount of experience repairing bumpers ,and all things plastic. At the first of 2012  I decided to sell out the business.  Thus I started making a station that can be used to make plastic repair easy for auto body field techs.

This welder I named ,and built is called

Bumper Smith.

Bumper Smith is a idea that I came up with that would allow auto body techs to do the same work as a bumper recycler.

Bumper Smith is a station that makes plastic welding easy and quick. It is made with all the positions that a field tech needs, and can make high quality welds on most types of plastic. Bumper Smith uses nitrogen as a shielding gas allowing for high quality welds.

Thank you for your time reading our about page.

If you would like to Email us send to bumpersmith@mail.com or call

(615) 765-7919

Monday – Friday CT 8am – 5pm

David Smith is a certified auto body technician by